Saturday, September 4, 2010


Someone gave me a most generous present yesterday: over 100 tubes of amazing quality oil paint, a slew of brushes, pigments, solvents, trays, an easel a bunch of palette knives and a small three shelved table. Needless to say, all this required a studio organizational frenzy. Since it's my birthday week, it seemed perfectly in tune. I opened old cans of oil paint that I suspected may have dried out. The bad ones went in the garbage along with other sundry studio related trash. Between the brushes I had and the ones I was gifted, there is an amazing collection of tools. Add the oil paints to the ones in-house, and again, my cup truly runneth over. Besides canvas
At exactly this moment the radio started playing a song that I have been singing in my head for 24 hours. The name of it escapes me, but one of the lines is "...until we die...learning to live together. We have to get it's getting better and better."
So thank you to the universe for ALL my blessings. Even the ones I didn't recognise as such at the time , seeing the blessing of the journey in retrospect.
Thank you to my friends far and wide.
Thank you for my gifts.
Thank you for my home.
Thank you for the wide world of nature. That includes Artemis, of course!
Thank you for my life and everything that it has and will encompass.
and of course, thank you for sharing this special time on this spinning blue orb with me.
The bagpipes are playing...time to go paint!

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  1. oh, I want to see a painting of Artie! Have you done any yet? with all those paint tubes, there must be a couple that are Artie-color!