Monday, August 30, 2010


Soft undefined shadows
dance through the shoji screens.
As soft as vapor and just as fluid.
Constant movement in the summer wind.
Your element.
I think of you
with wonder
while on the other polarity of this oft visited place.
All 1's and 0's is what stands
While my heart echoes the strands
that remain embedded.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Life is a gift

Last night I went to Woodstock, to dance and to celebrate the life of a musician, Betty MacDonald. She was an old friend to many and a new friend to some. I don't recall ever not knowing her. Her rich approach to life, and the many ways she gave back to community, touched many people, many of whom were among the folks stomping their feet to Marc Black and Company. It was a collective, musical outpouring of that sad reality: we are only here for a short time. All that I experienced during that short time of moving my feet to the beat was a reminder to love the life you are in, the body that you inhabit, and the people who are in it.
Grief is the oyster in the shell. The uncomfortable gem that rolls around inside our hearts when the web has yet another hole. In my own experience I have learned that it just becomes a part of who you will be. This sense of loss will become less sharp and mellow with time. But it will not leave. Rather, it will open you. The oyster offering its' prize.
Remember to love. Holy, passionate, all embracing love is the best of the human experience. With no exceptions, offer your hand in friendship to those who surround you. Be remembered one day for the goodness of your true essence.
And if you have a few moments, bring to your consciousness those who have moved beyond your scope of understanding. This is how we hold the web, by the remembrance of all we have held dear.

Monday, August 23, 2010

painting in yellows

Ordered the 5 cords of wood on this drizzly day. Just a weather related reminder that the season always seems to change here in the Hudson Valley during the 3rd week in August. Sun in Virgo = autumn. As if that weren't enough, tomatoes were waiting to be picked, red and juicy on the vine. After all the hot days in July, I am more ready than not for crisp, cool days. Another great attraction of the fall: I noticed that the oil paint on the palette is not evaporating as quickly. Saving $, always a plus.
Off to work on a painting. All in yellows. I'm using sap green, which I rarely use. Between that, yellow ocher, cobalt blue and the ever present raw umber, I am getting some interesting shading. Only about 100 hours to go on it!
More later. In the meantime, I hope that we are all busy creating the world we imagine!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

August 22, 2010 A new website is up!

My new revised website is up: I hope you will go to it and take a look through. Let me know what you think. If you choose to add your info to my email list "contact me when this artist posts new work" you can be in the 1st Abraart contest. Whether it is a Abra print, an Abra t-shirt or an Abra tote bag- someone will win! My mailing list is huge but the email list is so wimpy!
A steady rain falls, hitting against the wooden decking, making a peaceful pre-autumn music. Artemis, my English Bull Terrier, rests at my left, on the floor, sleeping soundly. After two hours of working on-line, I will soon be disturbing his peaceful slumber by moving to the north facing windows. That's where the work-of-the-day rests. It too has been resting, waiting.
More later, but until then, Artie and I hope you are enjoying this Sunday, where ever you are!