Monday, August 23, 2010

painting in yellows

Ordered the 5 cords of wood on this drizzly day. Just a weather related reminder that the season always seems to change here in the Hudson Valley during the 3rd week in August. Sun in Virgo = autumn. As if that weren't enough, tomatoes were waiting to be picked, red and juicy on the vine. After all the hot days in July, I am more ready than not for crisp, cool days. Another great attraction of the fall: I noticed that the oil paint on the palette is not evaporating as quickly. Saving $, always a plus.
Off to work on a painting. All in yellows. I'm using sap green, which I rarely use. Between that, yellow ocher, cobalt blue and the ever present raw umber, I am getting some interesting shading. Only about 100 hours to go on it!
More later. In the meantime, I hope that we are all busy creating the world we imagine!

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